How does the partner interface work?

Who is the school-partner interface for?

The school interface is intended for drone pilot schools that offer training in accordance with Transport Canada standards.


What is the school-partner interface?

The schools that have chosen us as a partner to support the preparation of the theoretical exam for their students have a dedicated interface allowing them to acquire accounts and distribute them to their students.

From this interface, the school has a view of the student’s work, providing accurate and detailed monitoring of its activity and progress.

The school interface has received a streamlined design for a quick and easy handling. It automatically adapts to the format of your smartphone, tablet or computer. No frills (complex configuration of rights and user privileges for example), no complex function (internal messaging, educational path) just a useful and practical monitoring for the school!

The purchase of an account is done directly via the interface, you can buy and re-buy it whenever you want, according to your needs, individually or in a group purchase.


How to create my school interface?

Contact us to get your activation code. Send your e-mail to