Transport Canada Drone Pilot Exams Study Guide

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    Basic or Advanced Transport Canada certificates: Find out what they are going to ask you.

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A BIG “Thank You” for your awesome online help. I was feeling very intimidated by the upcoming Basic exam until I bought your “app.” I went through the practice runs for every module, sometimes twice, then did the Practice Test half a dozen times, scoring 91% the last two tries. Buoyed by your study aids, I dove head first into the Transport Canada Basic Exam today and scored 94% (first attempt too).
Prior to buying your program, I had spent countless hours reading the various documents and making notes. It wasn’t until I bought and used your exam prep that I felt confident enough to tackle the exam.
It was easily worth the $20 fee!


Excellente services, site Web très performant et facile d’utilisation.

Robin La Roche

Mon abonnement me fut profitable et j’ai optimisé mon temps. J’ai réussi mes deux examens de base et avancé avec des notes respectives de 80% et 88% . Dans les examens en blanc, mes notes étaient de 95%. Les banques de questions correspondent à environ 80% des questions du vrai examen. Bref satisfais à 5 sur 5.

Jean Marie